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Kens Heating And Air Conditioning is a family-owned and operated HVAC contractor located in Bethel, Ohio that provides residential as well as commercial heating and air conditioning services. It has been our pleasure to serve the community for over 35 years. Bethel, Batavia, Felicity, Moscow, Georgetown, Amelia, Owensville, Williamsburg, Sardinia, Mount Orab, New Richmond, and Cincinnati are all areas we service but we also offer flexible financing options with up to 2 years same as cash! We are your one-stop source for installation and repair service and accessories including humidifiers, air cleaners, air purifiers, air filters, programmable thermostats, duct cleaning, and ductless split system installation. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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  • High Efficiency HVAC Equipment
    HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems are crucial for maintaining comfortable indoor environments, regardless of the season or weather conditions. However, traditional HVAC systems are known to consume significant amounts of energy, […]
  • Hvac Basics 101
    HVAC 101: Understanding the Basics of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are essential components of modern buildings, providing a comfortable indoor environment and maintaining good air […]
  • Indoor Air Quality
    Indoor air quality (IAQ) refers to the quality of the air inside a building, such as a home, office, or school. Poor indoor air quality can have negative effects on our health, productivity, […]
  • NEW HVAC Efficiency Standards 2023
    HVAC Efficiency Is Rising, Here’s What You Need To Know The minimum efficiency ratings for HVAC systems are going to increase in 2023. That’s great news for consumers’ utility bills and for the […]
  • Before you call out a service technician!
    always check your air filters ive ran into this many many times where people have clogged filters and thats all that wrong. they could have saved themselves a lot of money if they […]
  • Those pleated filters you bought at the hardware store!
    if you buy those pleated filters at the hardware store that say they last for three months, think again, they only last a month ,dont believe the three month thing. Dont get me […]
  • The change is upon us!
    your old r-22 unit is obsolete, if you need a new condensor or coil your probably out of luck. r-22 is no longer being manufactured but still available. unfortunately if you need to […]
  • Service your hvac equipment every season!
    why should you service your equipment every year? ill tell you why 1. it keeps your system running efficiently. Dirt causes airflow problems and your system will lose efficiency and cost more to […]
  • Air Filters!
    always change or at least check your air filters every 30 days. Airflow is very important and reduced airflow can keep your system from heating or cooling properly. So remember to do this […]
  • Should i invest in a maintenance contract?
    Having a maintenance contract is very valuable for the homeowner. With a maintenance contract your equipment gets checked before each season. A good technician will not only make sure its clean and operating […]
  • How long will my hvac equipment last?
    Gas, oil furnaces and air conditioners can last from 15 to 20 years. Heat pumps can last 12 to 15 years. If properly maintained, if not maintained they wont last as long and […]
  • Have allergies? dry home?
    These are all terrible things to deal with on a daily basis, But there are solutions to these problems. Humidifiers help with static shock, dry air, allergies, and make your home feel more […]
  • Airflow Problems!
    Sometimes you find you have a room that is too hot or too cold this may be an airflow problem. Is your blower on the right speed setting? Is it sized correctly? Are […]
  • Does My A/C or Heat Pump Use Up Refrigerant(freon) or is it leaking?
    The answer is no , If you have to add refrigerant you have a leak some where and need to have a professional technician find and repair it. Why you ask? Because an […]
  • So that’s why you need a humidifier
    We often associate winter with dehydrated skin and chapped lips, but there are more health consequences of the season’s frigid temps. Believe it or not, winter dryness can affect everything from your teeth […]
  • Attic Insulation is Important in Every Climate
    As energy costs continue to increase, more and more homeowners are looking for ways to reduce costs without compromising the comfort that comes from a properly heated or cooled home. Regardless of where […]
  • How Often Do We Need To Clean Furnaces?
    For those people who live in area’s of the country that gets cold, it’s time to think about your heating equipment. With the technology new furnaces have today there isn’t much to do […]
  • Choosing the right heating system for maximum efficiency
    Getting the right heating system allows homeowners to enjoy their homes in better comfort. Getting the correct heating system also allows for maximum heat output that won’t lead to filing for a bankruptcy. […]